WebChart EHR

minimally-invasive EHR, maximum flexibility and productivity

Fully-certified and designed to support your workflow, your users, and your bottom line.

cognitive, not clerical

WebChart keeps clinicians focused on patient care rather than administrative documentation, with built-in tools to simplify data collection and streamline encounters. Minimally-invasive benefits include:

One and done
Enter information once and it populates the appropriate fields in the patient record, all but
eliminating duplicate data entry and simplifying MIPS documentation. A built-in data
reconciliation tool enables on the fly comparison, reconciliation and merging of data from
different sources.

WebChart screens can be configured for individual user preferences, presenting the right
content in the right spot for peak productivity. Deployment options include the ability to start
small and add features at your own practice pace.

WebChart is web-based — access the application from any modern browser on any webenabled
device, including mobile platforms.

This EHR was designed, built and certified to share electronic health information in a
standards-based fashion across the care continuum, enhancing communication with hospitals,
practices, labs/testing facilities and patients.

WebChart is affordable, with a consistent and predictable monthly per-physician fee to simplify budgeting and payment. WebChart is as minimally invasive on your balance sheet as it is on your users.

WebChart EHR offers:

  • Adaptable screens configured for individual user preferences
  • Web-based accessibility
  • Interoperability
  • WebScan – a high-speed scanning system that captures images, and fully incorporates the scan into the new patient chart


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