Practice Management (PM)

Proven To Improve Collections

For healthcare practice management systems & software, what matters most to MediSYS is to help practices get paid quickly and accurately and we have been doing just that for almost 30 years. MediSYS aligns its healthcare Practice Management with major carriers, eliminating the middle-man to speed reimbursement. Unlike many national firms whose generic appeal means sending claims to your major carriers through a third party slowing reimbursement, MediSYS works direct with Blue Cross Blue Shield and other major carriers.

Top Ranked by Carriers & Clients

MediSYS Practice Management Software is available as an in-house installation or ASP. For technology that fits, your practice has the option to either have a server installed at your practice (which may qualify for significant tax benefits) or elect to use the internet to access the MediSYS Practice Management System.  MediSYS has proven tools to collect faster, including grace period alert message in BCBS eligibility, so avoid choosing a system based solely on EHR functionality as this may jeopardize your clinic.  If you can’t get paid quickly and effectively the EHR functionality becomes  pointless.

Unlike any other vendor, MediSYS includes unique connectivity to BCBS of Alabama which allows login-free, web access in seconds with no duplicate data entry.  This connectivity is embedded within MediSYS PM so clinics can quickly verify E&B, obtain Patient Health Snapshot, check Rx History, Claim Status, Medical Records and more!

Successful Ongoing Support and Live-Training

MediSYS superior implementation begins with our pre-install planning session and continues through each vital aspect of your practice. From coordination of carrier electronic communication activation (EDI), data migration, system setup and training, the MediSYS team works with your practice to ensure a successful partnership.  In addition, our on-going U.S.-based support services keep your staff and application up-to-date with the latest industry requirements.

  • Top Ranked by Carriers and Clients
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Proven to improve collections
  • Role-Based On-Site Training
  • Affordable: In-house or ASP
  • ICD-10 Readiness Validated
  • Multi-level User Access and Security
  • MASA Preferred Partner

MediSYS is also a member of the American Medical Billing Association.

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For medical billing software companies, MediSYS Healthcare Practice Management Systems is the perfect tool to collect more, faster.

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