For specialty specific references, please contact us.

Pat Tingle, Operations Manager - University Orthopaedic Clinic PC

“Thank you MediSYS for recommending  Claim.MD Clearinghouse during your recent Regional Session.  We recently made the switch to Claim.MD and have seen faster turnaround time on all of our claims and payments.  We have been extremely pleased with the turnaround time on Work Comp claims as they are processing as fast as electronic claims since Claim.MD can attach the documentation with the claims.  The ease of using the correction/edit feature on claims and the web portal has helped our billing staff tremendously.”

Karen Bradford, Office Manager - Southside Medical Clinic

“Everyone at MediSYS is always willing to help out in any way they can and they always walk that extra mile! I think MediSYS is one of the best companies I have ever worked with.”

Jennifer Chitwood - Gill Family Medicine

“MediSYS Regional Sessions are the best! You could teach the MU sessions and actually help people understand. We got 3 classes in one for FREE – CMS, BCBS, and Medicaid!”

Paula Angle, Office Manager - Annison Ear, Nose & Throat, P.A.

“MediSYS Support is outstanding.  I learned so much at the Regional Session and connected with others who have MediSYS which made meeting objectives much more achievable!”

Susan Brower, Office Manager - Orthopedic Group of Birmingham

“Because the MediSYS system made the transition to ICD-10 so easy, our doctor’s embraced the ICD-10 change and are continuing to have success with MediSYS.”

Kim Edwards - Chilton Family Medicine

“The EHR support staff is always helpful in answering all of my questions…whether it pertains to Meaningful Use, PQRS, ICD-10, or any of the operations of the EHR system.  It would be impossible for me to keep up with all of the constant changes and requirements handed down from CMS and other entities, but thankfully I can always count on the EHR support staff to be on top of every issue we face.”

Letitia - Surgical Associates of Eastern Shore

“We have been with MediSYS for over 2 years now and the EHR support team is excellent! Everyone is so nice and always very willing to help us with any issues we have had. We were given step by step instructions to make sure we met meaningful use.  We certainly could not have met MU on our own. I have been very pleased with all of the staff at MediSYS. Everyone is extremely helpful, kind, and a pleasure to speak to.
Thanks to the EHR support team for everything you do for our practice!!!!!!!”

Roxanne Smith, Office Manager - Grove Hill Healthcare

“I would like the entire EHR support team at MediSYS to know that Grove Hill Healthcare is very pleased with the quality of service that you provide us. I personally feel that without the one on one support that is provided, we could not be where we are today.  Because of your commitment, we are able to utilize this system to its fullest potential at our clinic.   We sincerely appreciate your quick response to us with each and every phone call and training session you provide.   We look forward to doing business with you for years to come. Thank you again for all that you do for Grove Hill Healthcare! WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!”

Amanda Hannon, Clinic Administrator - Ivy Creek Clinics

“All of the staff members at Medisys go the extra mile to provide outstanding customers service. I have seen a lot of EHR systems and in my opinion the Medisys system is by far the most user friendly out there.  The staff members in our healthcare network apply the education they receive from the FREE  training classes at Medisys to their everyday work routine and it has produced very productive outcomes. A team spirit is always present from the support staff at Medisys and that makes working with them a delight. Customer services is a key component that I look for with any vendor but the support staff at Medisys sets the bar in reliability and an overall want to satisfy their clients.  Their knowledge base is prevalent and their willingness to find out more is constant. The customization of templates, IMO feature and many other features coupled with a great group of support staff that are there when you need them makes Medisys the clear choice for our healthcare network.”

Kathy Lloyd and Phyllis Hudson , Office Managers - Lane Medical Group

“We just wanted to give a shout out for the EHR support staff!  Thanks for all you do for Lane Medical Group.  We could not survive without all you do for us.  We can always depend on you to handle our problems quickly and efficiently. Each of you truly are the best in your profession.”

Miriam McGee, Manager - Menard Plastic Surgery

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend the entire MediSYS support staff – on the Practice Management side and the EHR side.   I have worked 35 years in the Medical Field and worked on many Practice Management and EMR systems, although I am still new to MediSYS Practice Management and EHR (only used for a few months).  I have been most impressed with the support for all areas.  I truly appreciate the support and awesome training sessions on the EHR support side regarding meaningful use and PQRS quality reporting.  I knew when I came into the Office Management position that I would have to work very quickly to help “get all of this up to par”.  I could not have done it without the patience, time and support of the EHR support team.  On behalf of our practice here at Menard Plastic Surgery – we thank you and appreciate you!”

Dr. Richard Freeman - Pediatric Associates of Auburn

Richard M. Freeman, M.D. started medical school at the University of North Carolina. He interned at the UAB Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Upon completing medical school, Dr. Freeman became a Medical Officer at the U.S.
Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Freeman started in Private Practice in Opelika, Alabama before practicing in Auburn, Alabama.

Dr. Freeman has served as Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer for the Medical Association for the State of Alabama, was a member of the Medicaid DUR Board, member of the Medicaid Pharmacy and Therapeutic Board and is on the Board of Medical Examiners for the State of Alabama.

Dr. Jon Daily - Internal Medicine Associates of Montgomery

W.J. Daily, M.D. is a graduate of Auburn University and the University Of South Alabama School Of Medicine.

Dr. John Odle - Jasper Podiatry

“MediSYS EHR has really simplified charting in my office. ePrescribing has been a great benefit as well.  Since implementing the system I have been able to free up storage in the office by reducing chart space.  We have also seen a savings on office paper goods and printer costs.  The system can be personalized as needed and the more you input and individualize things the more productive it will be for you.”

Dr. Catherine L. Wood - Partners in Pediatrics

“The MediSYS EHR system affords me more time with my patients and their parents by giving me immediate access to all the records information I need to supply the right care. Immunization is documented quickly and easily; and printing the blue slip is just a click away for me or our clinic staff.”

Leslie Fannin - Montgomery Footcare

“I feel that MediSYS EHR has increased the speed of our revenue cycle and helped us to bill more accurately.  My most favorite thing is being able to have instant access to physician notes.  Less time pulling and filing, more time with patients.  I also enjoy the prescription management program.  It allows me to send requests directly to my physicians and then they can either e-prescribe the medication or send it back to me. MediSYS EHR has allowed us to efficiently and cost-effectively manage a patient’s full clinical experience. If your practice is looking to take the next step in technology, I would highly recommend MediSYS.”

Dr. Jose Oblena - Quality Healthcare & Holistic Clinic, LLC

“One training day was enough for me! I really like the system and it’s very helpful. After only one training day, I am able to use the system the way it is.  I understand that making modifications is easy, so I plan to tailor a few things to my needs. Thank you so much!”