EHR Patient Education

Provider Generated Patient Education:

  • Provider generated, or internal, patient education is a standard feature.
  • Clinics upload their patient education materials for easy access during the encounter.

Krames Patient Education:

Krames Patient Education is an optional subscription service

  • 3000 printable patient education sheets
  • Topics cover conditions, procedures, health promotion, disease management, wellness
  • Drug information sheets for patients
  • English and Spanish
  • Krames illustrated content
  • Krames Health Sheet Titles:
  • Krames InfoButton for use with the patient’s current problem list, medication list, or lab test results to identify the patient-specific education from within the Encounter.

Ask for Krames pricing and further details at

Both sources are accessible from within the Patient Encounter, Planning Tab and Patient Chart.   Selection and printing of electronic patient education from either source is documented in the Office Note.