EHR Lab Integration

External Lab Reference Companies Integration:

With lab approval, electronic lab results are available within EHR.

Electronic lab results enable providers to receive results faster.  Receive lab results real-time from external lab reference companies that are routed automatically to physician’s inbox for quick review and proactive response:

  • LabCorp*
  • Quest Diagnostics*
  • AEL – American Esoteric Labs*
  • Orchard Lab*
  • LabPak LIS*
  • Pathgroup Labs*
  • Alabama Pathology
  • Ameritox
  • Atherotech
  • Bako Laboratories
  • Boston Heart Labs
  • Bostwick Laboratories
  • Compass Lab Services
  • Cunningham Pathology
  • Cytopath
  • Diatherix
  • Gen Path Diagnostics
  • Halfpenny Technologies
  • Medcomp Sciences
  • Medical Diagnostic Labs
  • Path Group
  • Popular Healthcare
  • Skin Path
  • Southeastern Clinical Laboratories, LLC
  • Southern Clinical Labs
  • Vap Diagnostics

*include orders/results

Lab results are routed to physician’s inbox for review and action.  Within the EHR, quickly review all new lab messages from the Inbox when convenient.  Lab integration is one of several interoperability options.  Lab results may require prior lab reference company approval. With lab approval, there is no charge.