Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a focus for many providers today.  The practice of patient engagement combines patient’s interactions, motivation and ability to manage their own health care with increasing availability of tools provided by the provider to promote positive patient behavior.

Positive patient engagement can promote better communication and better care for you patients as well as improve outcomes and increase benefits for your practice.

Essentially this means providers and patients working together to improve healthcare.

Studies have shown that patients want to be engaged in their healthcare decision making. This process can improve patient care and allow for improved health outcomes.

MediSYS provides you with tools and enhancements to make it easier to connect with patients and their families through patient portal, patient reminders, patient recalls, secure messaging and many other new opportunities as the industry changes.

How does MediSYS help you engage your patients?

  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Appointment Reminders via text message
  • Patient Recalls for follow-up appointments
  • Diagnosis Based Recalls: send recall letters to patients that have had certain diagnosis codes determined by type of diagnosis that have not been seen in a time frame specified by each practice & currently does not have an appointment scheduled in the future
  • Procedure Based Recall: used to generate a list of patients by range of birth date that have not had a specific procedure billed during a specific date of service range
  • Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)
  • Referral Management
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • On-line bill pay
  • MediSYS Medical Billing Services – we give you peace of mind knowing that you have more time to focus on patient care and patient engagement! Learn more about our Billing Services.