Hospital Owned Physician Practices


MediSYS and Successful Hospital Owned Physician Practices

MediSYS, a healthcare information systems company for over 30 years, offers a relationship for today’s hospital owned physician practices like none other. MediSYS, already an active partner with many leading hospitals, now offers solutions for post-acquisition physician practice billing strategies that can help hospitals increase their success in the ambulatory practice level of billing and workflow.

MediSYS can help hospitals maintain successful physician clinics through their proven success with flexible, customized reporting and superior support and implementation processes. These are only a few of the ways MediSYS aids in assuring clinics are profitable and productive. Two of the greatest areas of success for MediSYS are with integration for interoperability and flexibility to integrate with other systems, however there are many more reasons why MediSYS works for hospital owned physician practices!


MediSYS allows clinics to continue the day-to-day clinical functionality that varies greatly from the standard systems utilized by hospitals for billing. Our ambulatory practice management software leads the way in direct connectivity to major insurance vendors throughout the state such as Blue Cross, Medicare and Medicaid. This creates a faster turn-around on payments and claim audits enabling the practice to be more profitable. This in turn helps create a cost-effective solution for the hospital as owner and manager. To manage all of the daily, monthly and ad-hoc reporting, MediSYS has created a full source reporting module as part of its standard package with no additional hourly or monthly charges for their clients. Our reports also offer the flexibility of Exceltm Pivot Tables for further data manipulation and reporting. With MediSYS, hospitals and providers can easily track and review necessary information, such as RVUs from an operational standpoint.


MediSYS has developed a speedy front office check-in that helps providers continue their pace of business without typical bottlenecks caused when using billing systems normally designed for use in an inpatient setting. Checking eligibility is a must in today’s industry and MediSYS providers can do this quickly and efficiently before and after the time of service enabling providers to keep collection rates higher.  In addition, from within MediSYS PM, grace period alert message are provided during BCBS eligibility & benefit verification.  With many hospital-owned providers paid for their productivity, speed and efficiency rank high among their selection processes for software. With MediSYS, providers and hospitals can be assured that the software is designed for speed, accuracy and efficiency on all levels.



MediSYS also provides superior support and implementation processes. Knowing that many hospitals will have their own procedures for management, billing and IT in place, MediSYS tailors its implementation for each organization. As stated by one of the state’s leading Meaningful Use consulting agencies, “MediSYS goes above and beyond to educate their providers. They provide support like no other vendor.” With ongoing free classes related to today’s penalties and incentives, MediSYS can do as much or as little as needed, but always stands ready to work with hospitals and providers to provide the best solutions for today’s clinics at a fraction of the cost.



MediSYS offers the ability to provide either Practice Management, EHR or a combination. Knowing that hospitals sometimes prefer to use a hybrid of their own solutions, our systems are designed to integrate these options to meet the needs of the practice and facility.  With many interfaces already in place for hundreds of MediSYS customers, we offer connectivity like no other vendor. Our flexibility to offer various solutions depending on the situation puts us in the forefront of vendor resources for hospital owned physician clinics.  We offer a greater range of flexibility for onsite training and implementation including prompt support and regional user meetings.