Immunization Registries with ADPH

Stage 2 Core Measure 16 is the capability to submit electronic data to immunization registries or immunization information systems except where prohibited.

Years ago, at no additional charge, the Alabama State Immunization Information Systems (AL-IIS) Interface was made available to MediSYS clients using Medconnect EHR.   The interface enables clinics to submit recorded immunizations to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) real-time upon completion. Clinics can also retrieve immunizations on file with AL-IIS which are displayed in the patient’s chart with the Immunization chart tab. This bi-directional interface provides real-time access to ADPH from within the EHR.  From a patient’s chart clinics submit immunizations to ADPH as a by-product of ordering and recording an immunization.  The AL-IIS receives immunization information from claims submitted to Blue Cross and Medicaid, as well as provider entries into ImmPRINT and electronic health records.

The compilation of this immunization data allows clinics to view and print the patient’s State of Alabama Certificate of Immunization (Blue Slip) directly from the EHR. This comprehensive Blue Slip includes immunizations from the state registry and those in the EHR patient chart. The ability to print the comprehensive ADPH Blue Slip is tremendously beneficial to pediatric and primary care groups since a blue slip is required for entry into day care, Head Start, and public or private schools.

Real-time access to state immunization records from EHR satisfies the Stage 2 Core Measure 16 while eliminating the need for clinics to call ADPH or login to a separate website which saves time and streamlines patient care.   This interoperability with a public health agency also satisfies a key measure for providers in obtaining ‘meaningful use’ of electronic health records.

The ADPH interface is a valuable tool for medical clinics and is one of the many MediSYS interoperability partners.